verse 7: Section on deeds and rewards

verse 7

Section: On deeds and rewards:

Imām Bājūrī said: And in the words of the noble author (Imam Laqqani) there is a subtle indication [ishārah], in that good deeds done for the sake of Allāh (most high) with the desire for reward is permissible yet imperfect [wa inkāna ghayrahū akmalu]. Indeed the levels of sincerity [al-ikhlās] are three: higher, middle and worldy [‘ulyā, wa wustā, wa dunyā]. As for the higher aspiration, it means that the servant performs deeds seeking only Allāh’s good pleasure by carriying out His commands [imtithālan li’amrihi] thereby fulfilling the rights of serventhood [‘ubūdīyyah]. As for the middle aspiration, it means performing good deeds seeking reward [talaban li th-thawāb] and saftey from punishment [haraban mina l-‘iqāb]. As for the worldy aspiration, it means to perform good deeds seeking honor from Allah as well as a good life in this world. Aspirations outside these three are contrary to what is accepted by Allāh (most high) and fall in the category of ostentation [riyā’]. This is what was mentioned by Shaykh al-Islām Abū al-Qāsim al-Qushayrī in his treatest [risālah] as well as other scolars besides him. [1]

 [1] Tuhfatu l-murīd ‘alā jawharah al-tawhīd, verse 8.

وفي كلامه إشارة إلى أن العمل لله مع إرادة الثواب جائز وإن كان غيره أكمل، فإن درجات الإخلاص ثلاث: عليا، ووسطى، ودنيا، فالعليا: أن يعمل العبد لله وحده امتثالاً لأمره وقياماً بحق عبوديته؛ والوسطى: أن يعمل طلباً للثواب وهرباً من العقاب ، والدنيا: أن يعمل لإكرام الله له في الدنيا والسلامة من آفاتها، وما عدا هذه الثلاثة فهو رياء وإن تفاوتت أفراده، ذكره شيخ الإسلام في شرح الرسالة القشيرية، وقاله غيره من العلماء أيضاً

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