Is a Ghusl necessary after pre-ejaculation?


Comment: When does fard Ghusl become wajieb.

My understanding according the shafi’i mathab is the ghusul becomes wajib when the man enters the woman and for the man once there is ejaculation.

The question is that before intercourse takes place there is a fluid that sometimes comes out of the male organ. Is this classified as ejaclulation and does this warrant a farald ghusl?


Wa alaykum salam

Reply, by Muhammad Allie Khalfe.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Pre-ejaculate madhi is a clear, sticky fluid that exits from males and females when they are sexually aroused. It exits in greater quantities from women than from men.

In Sharh al-Muhadhdhab v. 2, p. 552, Imam Nawawi related that there is an ijma’ [consensus] established that madhi an impurity. While, it is an impurity which one can purify from. In our School, there is an emphases  on washing rather than merely splashing the water.

This understanding is based on a hadith wherein washing is specified,

Yaghsilu dhakarahu wa yatawadda’u. – He washes his private part and performs ablution. (Sahih Muslim)

Imam Nawawi also mentions that the scholars of hadith have differed in their views regarding the chain of transmission of the narration that mentions nadh. This hadith was one of the hadiths of the two sahihs that Imam al-Daraqutni criticized. One of the narrators of the hadith (Makhramah b. Bukayr) narrates from his father and there is disagreement among the scholars of hadith whether or not he actually heard any hadiths from his father. Another indication that points to problems in the chain of transmission is that the hadith has been narrated with a slightly different chain by Nasa’i (which is weak by virtue of being a mursal narration), which hints at the possibility that there might be a hidden defect in this particular narration of the hadith. Be that as it may, someone in a difficult circumstance could find a dispensation with Imam Ahmad and his understanding of the hadith.

There is an opinion related from Imam Ahmad who maintained that one can merely splash water to wet [nadh] the affected spot. Imam Ahmad’s view is supported by a hadith in Sahih Muslim v. 3, p. 557,

“Perform ablution and splash water [wa-ndah] on your private.”

In addition, there is an ijma’ established that the exiting of madhi does not necessitate a ghusl [a ritual bath]; while, according to the majority is does necessitate wudu’ [ablution]. (Sharh Sahih Muslim v. 3, p. 557)

If madhi exits, and the time for prayer arrives, then one must both wash the affected spot and also perform ablution. The fard prayer must not be neglected.

In the case of ejaculate (semen), for example, Imam Shafi`i is of the opinion that it is pure (tahir) and does not break ones ablution, although it does require the ritual-bath (ghusl).The Shafi`i school further utilize the narration(s) of Sayyidah `A’isha that states,

“I would wipe/scrape off the ejaculate from the Prophet’s (Allah bless him and grant him peace) garment.” (Tirmidhi),

stating that if ejaculate was impure, then washing would be necessary – such as in the case of blood – and merely wiping or scraping would not suffice.

Similarly, the position of Ibn `Abbas,

“Ejaculate is like mucus…” (Tirmidhi, Dar al Qutni)

was also taken by Imam Shafi`i to conclude that ejaculate is pure.

The Hanafis state that since urine, pre-ejaculatory fluid, and so forth are all filthy, since their exiting only breaks ablution, ejaculate should be considered at a higher level of filthiness since it necessitates the ritual-bath.

And Allah knows best.

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9 thoughts on “Is a Ghusl necessary after pre-ejaculation?

  1. I experience lots of madhi coming out, I always wash it but sometimes it stays on my private parts even after washing it and I don’t feel it while washing it. I wanna know that even if it doesn’t completely gets removed after washing, does it still gets pure. I have read that about 2.75cm of madhi doesn’t has to be purified but if it’s more than that then it should be purified and if this is not true and if all of it needs to be removed before washing your private part, then does the floor and floormat of my restroom gets impure too cause when I wash my private part and getup while a little bit of madhi is still on my private part without me knowing it so would I have to pure the floor and floor mat because when I wash my private part, and getup , there are drops of water falling down on the floor and floor mat. Does madhi has to be completely removed from ur private part before washing it or is it ok if a little bit of it stays even after washing ur private part ?

  2. when ever i talk to my wife through phone i ejacuate, is it mandatory to have ghusul and perform prayer or washin with water is enough.

  3. Hi some time my semon comes out clear and sticky after done ghusl does this mean I have to do ghusl again or ablution

  4. when ever i talk to my lover through phone i ejacuate, is it mandatory to have ghusul and perform prayer or washin with water is enough.

  5. Slzm just wanted to ask if the clothes were the precome touches. must the clothes be changed or just wudhu without changing the clothes?

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