Habib ‘Ali Jifri




Habib ‘Ali Zain Al Abidin AlJifri was born into a family of noble lineage extending in an unbroken chain to Imam Husayn (ra), the grandson of the Prophet (saw). Habib ‘Ali is from the majestic city of Tarim, South Yemen. Nestled in the ancient valley of Hadramawt, Tarim has been a center of learning and spirituality for centuries. Habib ‘Ali received a classical Islamic education from the illustrious scholars of Hadramauwt, embodying a methodology which crystallizes the middle way of Islam, Islamic Jurisprudence, a respect for the differences between jurists and a spiritual education drawn from the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Habib ‘Ali is Founder of the ‘Taba Foundation for Islamic Studies and Research’ based in the United Arab Emirates. He is also a lecturer at Dar Al Mustafa, Tarim, an educational institute established for the study of traditional Islamic sciences. Habib ‘Ali is continually invited to lecture in many countries across the globe and appears regularly on a variety network television and radio programs.

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