Are dogs considered as haram in Islam?


Are dogs considered haram in Islam? One of my family members said that even to touch a dog touch it haram. Please provide some feedback.



Asalamu ‘alaykum and shukran for submitting your question. May Allah increase you in knowledge. Amin.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim wa sallaIlahu ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbahi wa sallim.

I will keep this reply short and to the point.

As for touching a dog being ‘haram’ then this is not the case.

As for the dog being makru to keep then here there is khilaf (positive difference of opinion amongst the jurists).

The Shafi’iya consider the dog to be najis while Imam Malik differed and considered it to be pure. Imam Malik accepted the practice of the people of Medina to be the second source of Law after the Quran while Imam al-Shafi’i considered the second source to be the hadith of the prophet (peace be upon him). This plays quite an important role as to how and why they differed but we will limit ourselves to answer the question as brief as possible.

Below are two well-known points from 2 accepted senior scholars.

Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi says in his classic, Halal wa l-Haram fi l-Islam,

The Permissibility of Keeping Hunting Dogs and Watch Dogs

Dogs which are kept for a purpose, such as hunting, guarding cattle or crops are permissable.

In a hadith reported by both al-Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet (peace be on him) said, Whoever keeps a dog except for hunting or for guarding crops or cattle will lose one large measure (qirat) of his reward each day.

On the basis of this hadith some jurists argue that the keeping of dogs as pets can be classified as makruh rather than haram, as the haram is absolutely prohibited without regard to whether there is a decrease in reward or not.

However, the prohibition of keeping dogs in the house does not mean that dogs may be treated cruelly or that they should be eradicated. Referring to the following verse of the Qur’an, There is not an animal on the earth, nor a bird flying upon two wings, but comprise nations like yourselves. (6:38), the Prophet (peace be on him) said, “If dogs were not a nation (ummah) among nations, I would have ordered that they be killed.” (Reported by Abu Daoud and al-Tirmidhi. (This was said by the Prophet following Jibril’s remark that angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog. Trans.))

The Prophet (peace be on him) told his Companions a story concerning a man who found a dog in the desert panting and licking the dust due to thirst. The man went to a well, filled his shoes with water, and relieved the dog’s thirst. Said the Messenger of Allah (peace be on him), “Allah appreciated this and forgave him all his sins.” (Reported by al-Bukhari.)

Source: Dr. Shaykh Yusuf Qaradawi, Halal and Haram in Islam.

The Shafi’i Jurist Qadi As-Safadi states, ‘Malik says that dogs are pure and what they lick is not made impure, but that a vessel licked by a dog should be washed to avoid filth.’

Source: The Mercy in the difference of the Four Sunni Schools of Islamic Law, translated by Ayesha Bewley.

And Allah knows best,

Muhammad Allie Khalfe.

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  1. Mashallah, thank you.
    I sometimes get scolded for owning a dog. It’s hurtful that people would look down on me for that.
    Unfortunately in Middle Eastern communities it is not uncommon to see people mistreating animals – not just dogs but also cats and other animals. There are many stories of people throwing animals onto streets and throwing rocks at them and kicking them, etc. This is a cultural practice that has no place in Islam, alhamdulillah. Inshallah we can all come to a day when the people will embrace loving attitudes towards all animals.

      1. Even if he owned it as a pet kept outside his house in his garden or backyard, that is not haraam but it is something that will cause a reduction in his rewards; so another Muslim has no right to insult or verbally abuse him for his decisions concerning himself and no one else.

    1. AOA , I really want to have a dog or a puppy but they are haram I want one but is it bad if you keep one and you know it’s haram for example muslims can’t eat pork but some Muslims do it so..

      1. I do not feel it is haram… you will not go to hell for. I do not completely understand all about keeping dogs but all dogs are useful. Small dogs can be watch dogs and oothers as guard dogs etc. I thinly the term pet is when you just get something for no reason and the animal lives in misery because it is not doing what it was bred to do.

        1. It’s is said in a Hadith that a house where there is a dog or a picture the angels don’t enter that house .

          1. Wa alaykum salam to all.

            These narrations are specific to the Prophets (upon them be peace) and refers to one Angel i.e of Revelation (Wahi) who did not enter the house of a Prophet where a dog lie. This happened in the house of the Prophet (peace be upon him) where a dead dog was found under a table or bed. After it was removed revelation resumed.

            The 4 schools of jurisprudence differ regarding which part of the dog is considered filth and how it exactly bars one from prayer. Imam Malik No was the most tolerent and held the dog to be pure. No one however says that dogs are wicked or evil, as they are creation of Allah, Most Merciful, and as the saying goes “A guiding dog is a better friend than a deceiving human being.”

            May Allah, Most Merciful, open our hearts to become more merciful, as was the defining trait of the Prophet Muhammad, a mercy to the entire created order.

    2. I am Muslim and own a dog as well. I adopted her because she was abused and thrown in the trash. I don’t think that me saving this dog and giving it a home is something to be looked down upon. I have always been an animal lover and as a Muslim, I show mercy to helpless creatures. Anyways, don’t worry about what people have to say. Do you boo :*

      1. I am surprised by the article and resume of how impure the animal is considering the Quran mentions the dog in 5 verses with only positive views about the animal including mentioning that you can eat the meat that is killed by your dog. So the dog would hunt and bring meat obviously it touched there mouths. This is incredibly ignorant, all animals are created by Allah swt thus beautiful including the pig, which you are not allowed to eat but you still cannot mistreat it or kill it just because its a pig. Arent Hadith suppose to be validate from the Quran before being set as authenticate? if the quran does not say anyhting bad about them, then the hadiths should not be considered valid!

      2. My story is similar to yours 🙂 I m a Muslim with a house of cats and dogs (all adopted)… This is our religious teachings to be merciful to animals…

      3. I would like to reply on your great fabulous comment.
        You picked up dog that was good effort but keeping her with you is Haram. You can have her as a guard but not as a pet. And yes if you are soft hearted thats good but I request you to be soft hearted to Human as many of them are abused and thrown in the trash.
        I regret to say but everyone is feeling proud to follow earupian culture, having pet. going to massage, going to saloon ASTAGHFIRULLAAAAAAAHHHHHHH……


          May be this is why people are wanting to take more care of animals than people so less complicated, Allah does talk about being steadfast and straightforward and patient and kind to all of his creatures, humans to humans (irrespective of colour or which part of the globe we live in).

          IN SHA ALLAH

      4. I am 12. I want to have a dog in the future bcause of wat I saw on social media. I felt my heart melting for all the dogs. They were all adorable n loyal. I heard abt some dogs,sacrificing their life for their owners. Or even sacrificing their life for another animal. I feel like I have this connection with dogs. Usually I would go to my Chinese friend’s house to hang out. My friend kept a dog as a pet. I would usually climb on his furniture to avoid the dog but now I would just sit down and pet the dog or even hug it. Is it wrong? Do u think I should keep a dog as pet in the future? I’m confused by all this comments on this website saying dog cannot be kept unless for guarding…

        1. I can understand you dilemma, pray to Allah to guide you steps.

          In Sha Allah

          P.S. Whatever you do, do with respect and dignity.

    3. Inchallah. I have been thinking about getting a dog mostly for protection but I understand and agree with you!
      I think if you are one of those people that enjoys throwing, killing a defenseless animal and you feel no guilt or emotions than you’re one sick individual and should seek help.

    4. Subhanalla, may Allah create peace one day in the world. Inshallah. I want everyone to be happy including animals. 🙂

    5. Hi I’m 11 and I’m a Muslim and I don’t know if it’s haram for me and my family to adopt a dog and let it live in our house while taking it out and giving it walks. I really want a mans best friend but don’t know if it’s haram if anyone has seen this please inform me so that I understand thank and may allah guide u all. Ameen

    6. ya rite.. but before that.. we must burn all the LIES about the MESSENGER which the called the SAHIH HADITH of BUKHARI and SAHIH hadith of Muslim.. LOAD of BULL SHITS in the hadith.. LIES upon LIES using the name of THE MESSENGER.

  2. I feel guilty too but our dog is a pet loving,joyful and brings a happy atmosphere in our family, but my sister and bro in law is so mad with me they refuse to come inside our house cos of he dog, we are originally from sri lanka, where dogs are haram, but we love our dog, but now with ramadan this is making me feel unhappy, i love my dog what should i do,i dont allow him to lick me for sure.i am made to feel that i am not a proper muslim, I am i love my religion, but dont agree to what the people r doing in the name of Allah.Ramadan kareem to all of u

    1. Please don’t listen to people who have that opinion about dogs…even if they are family, respectfully remind them who created the dog?! that should make them back off a little…

    2. If anyone judges you on keeping and putting a roof over one of Allah’s creation, a dog, they need to rethink their own way of life. Allah gave us the power of free will and the ability to think so why people don’t use that ability to do better and not stick to myths and ridiculous theories I don’t know. But you should never feel guilty for what you are doing. You are respecting and taking care of one of Allah’s creations just like us how could that be wrong? Life should be equal for all not just humans because we think we are superior.

    3. There is the story of i believe four pious men with a dog in the Quran. I feel this has been taken really out of hand. If a person does their five prayers and sunnah prayers, gives charity, does righteous deeds then their having a dog will not send them to hell.

  3. Question:

    What is the ruling of keeping a dog in the house?

    Answer: My Shaykh ‘Ali Juma

    The majority of jurists have agreed that it is not permissible to keep a dog except out of need (hajah) like hunting, guarding, and other kinds of benefit that the law has not prohibited. The Malikis said that it is disliked to keep a dog for purposes other than agriculture, herding, or hunting, but some of them said that it is permissible (i.e. not disliked).

    This is based on the saying of the Prophet, “The reward of a person who keeps a dog for reasons other than herding, hunting, or agriculture is decreased every day by a qirat.” According to Ibn ‘Umar the Prophet said, “The reward of a person who keeps a dog for reasons other than hunting or herding is decreased every day by two qirats.” They said it is permissible to train puppies that are expected to learn for this purpose.

    Imam al-Nawawi said, “Al-Shafi’i and his companions said, ‘It is permissible to keep a dog for hunting, agriculture, or herding without disagreement based on what is mentioned by the al-Musanif. There are two positions mentioned by al-Musanif along with their evidence concerning keeping them to protect homes and neighborhoods and the most correct (asah) one is permissibility as is stated in the al-Mukhtasir.”

    Sheikh ‘Ilish, one of the great muhaqiqun of the Malikis said, “It is permissible to keep dogs for all beneficial purposes, and to ward off harm, even if it is not in the wilderness where thieves are feared.”

    Based on this, it is permissible to keep dogs for beneficial purposes or out of need, and it is impermissible otherwise. And God is Most High and Knows best.

  4. Asalamu Alikom,
    What was malik’s saying about the hadith about that angels don’t enter a house that has dogs?

  5. I have a puppy as a therapy dog in our medical clinic owned by my manager. This dog has helped me easing my patient’s anxiety during blood pressure check and blood work. This therapy dog has helped my patient with mental challenges and it makes it easier for me to do physical exam on such patients while they are occupied by puppy.
    I lock my office to keep area clean for my prayers. Also I do not allow puppy to lick any part of me clothes or skin. And my clinic staff (in US) completely understand my religious preferences of not touching puppy and keeping my room door closed.
    Does any one know if keeping a dog for this usefulness is permissible?

    1. It is really sad that after admitting and noticing all the goodness Allah has made this dog do you still ask for permissibility…. sad world WallaHi

    2. Imam al-Nawawi said, “Al-Shafi’i and his companions said, ‘It is permissible to keep a dog for hunting, agriculture, or herding without disagreement based on what is mentioned by the al-Musanif. There are two positions mentioned by al-Musanif along with their evidence concerning keeping them to protect homes and neighborhoods and the most correct (asah) one is permissibility as is stated in the al-Mukhtasir.”

      Sheikh ‘Ilish, one of the great muhaqiqun of the Malikis said, “It is permissible to keep dogs for all beneficial purposes, and to ward off harm, even if it is not in the wilderness where thieves are feared.”

      Based on this, it is permissible to keep dogs for beneficial purposes or out of need, and it is impermissible otherwise. And God is Most High and Knows best.

  6. Please see the third response by Ashan in this link:

    It seems permissible if it for a job (therapy), but some argue it does not need even be kept for a specific job. Their is condradictory information on the issue of saliva (clean dishes 7 times from which a dog drinks from, yet it is halal to eat what is caught by a hunting dog), and their risk as disease carriers is slim due to medicines that were not available 1400 years ago.

    Also remember, everyone will unfortunately commit haram during their life. Others can help by pointing their brothers and sisters to the right path, but casting judgement on them is wrong. In the end, it is Only Allah who will judge us, so live in a way that will make Allah happy and not your coworkers. JZK

  7. Asalamu ‘alaykum,
    My brother brought a puppy and wishes to train it up, so that it can guard our property. Looking at the previous answers, its seems that my brothers intentions are okay in reguards to islam. But my mum is very upset about this she believes that no angels will enter the houshold property.And that having a dog in the household is sinful. I find animals cute, I dont mind to have a dog in the house, but im afraid if its a sinful to touch or be surround around the dog. Is there any things you particularly have to dog after you touch the dog, is it true about angels not entering household. Please can yu provide me some details?

  8. If I have two children with special needs, is it okay to have a service dog for them under Imam Malik’s view? This doggy like to lick, so according to Imam Malik, dogs are pure and what they lick is not made impure, but that a vessel licked by a dog should be washed to avoid filth. Is this correct?

  9. My family has a dog that always stay outside, in a special dog house. We trained him to not enter our house, he instead plays cheerfully in the garden with our chickens and rabbits. Allah had created these animals to be loved.

    1. Sir,
      I am a muslim, having a dog outside the whole entire time even with a special dog house isn’t really much care. Having it inside and letting it go outside for a while is a lot of care because it’s easier for you two to create a bond together and let the dog understand where your grounds are. You should maybe get one of those indoor fences that let the dogs still stay indoor but the places you do namaaz or sleep in, you can leave the dog out from those rooms. I hope my advice helps!

  10. wa ‘alaykum salam

    Regarding the hadith, “Angels do not enter the abode in which there are dogs.” This hadith is not general (‘am). If it were general, it would include all the angels. How then would the noble scribes from among the angels write down your deeds? It would imply that as long as I have a dog, none of my deeds are recorded, whilst I am inside my home. Hafidh ibn Hajar Asqalani wrote a nice piece on this hadith. Some of his observations included that ‘angels’ in this hadith referred only to the angel of revelation i.e. Jibril (a.s). The hadith is therefore understood as specific (khas) to some and does not refer to all the angels. In other words, the angels who bring down revelation to the Prophets do not enter the abode in which dogs are kept. Allah knows best.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s not one angel alone who cannot enter but a specific category of angels who cannot enter homes containing dogs and images. On another note, it also becomes a source of evil Jinn entering homes that have dogs and images in it.

  11. It is super sad to see so many people acting in such ways totally anti islamic and not having enogh cojones to simply reject islam as the pile of garbage that actually is

    1. You come on this webpage and post an angry comment that makes so many that read your comment angry and then you preach about how religion, or Islam in specific, is the reason for all the war, bloodshed and evil on Earth. I urge my Muslim brothers and sisters to not reply to this message with hate. If you’re going to reply, reply with kindness and wisdom. Don’t stoop down to this person’s level. Prove to everyone that we want to do good. Prove to them that Islam is the right way. That we are not violent but in defense. I hope this person can change for the better if Allah sees him worthy. Insha’Allah

    1. When a dog entered the Prophet’s house, it was taken out and water sprinked over the place it was sitting (under the cot). So do the same if a dog accidently enters our home while remembering to be kind and merciful to the animal. And if it is a wild dog especially a pure black one, the Prophet advised to kill such dogs, again in a humane way.

      1. Assalamu alaikkum..
        May I know …why prophet sallallahu alaihi via sallam asked to kill the wild pure black dog…??
        Does pure black dog has anything special??

    1. From the research I’ve done, and by reading through some if these comments by a brother it’s believed that having a dog just as a pet is not haram but makrouh. I don’t believe that one would be punished for owning a dog as a pet under the condition that one purely cleans himself after playing with the dog. Having said this YES it is haram if you don’t tahir (clean) yourself after every time you touch or play with it. This is why it is makrouh because there will be times where you will forget to tahir yourself and there will also be times where you’re unable to change your clothing if they lick you. But for it to be seen as haram no it’s not haram as long as you do things right. And remember it is haram to say something is or isn’t haram. Make sure you do some research. Thank you.

      1. Nobody is going to punish anybody for having a pet, that’s just plain stupid.
        Animals are well known to bring joy to their owners and have as much right to be loved and cared for as any human .

        If you want a dog or a cat, get one. Love that animal, exercise it, feed it care for it properly and in return you will receive unconditional love.

    2. From the research I’ve done, and by reading through some of these comments by a brother it’s believed that having a dog just as a pet is not haram but makrouh. I don’t believe that one would be punished for owning a dog as a pet under the condition that one purely cleans himself after playing with the dog. Having said this YES it is haram if you don’t tahir (clean) yourself after every time you touch or play with it. This is why it is makrouh because there will be times where you will forget to tahir yourself and there will also be times where you’re unable to change your clothing if they lick you. But for it to be seen as haram no it’s not haram as long as you do things right. And remember it is haram to say something is or isn’t haram without actual knowledge. It’s always best to do some research. Thank you.

  12. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s
    equally educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is an issue that too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

  13. Question

    Is it halal or haram for the organizer who create an event which give opportunities for Muslim to touch a dog unnecessary. Need your answer regarding it.

  14. What about guide dogs to help the blind, or now dogs are used to smell cancer or detect illegal drugs and save lives, are these creatures not permitted to live in our homes and be loved? Times change and life advances, do we stay stagnant and live in outdated times?

  15. I have the opportunity to read through all the comments and feeling very impressed with the simple and logical comments posted by Dazza. Dazza’s points or opinion should be evaluated with some intelligence and common sense while clarifying that dogs have been created by God for various reasons and purposes, but during different period of time zone known to us. I fully agreed that “time changes and life advances, do we stay stagnant and live in outdated times?” A final personal opinion to be shared as a fellow Muslim…..dogs are not haram but makarouh but we should rear dogs for a purpose, rather than as pet dogs. Dogs need not be kept inside our home, but only to provide them with a shelter outside our house.

  16. Seems that many people are confused as to weather it is permissable or not permissible to own a dog as a pet. It is not permissible to own as a pet and permissible to own as a hunting dog.

    Jajak Allah khairan Brother.

  18. Asalamualikum,

    I do had a pet, but it died few years back.Could you please tell me if dogs are not considered to be pets for humans, then which animals can be considered as pets in Islam ?

  19. Please know the difference between the Hadith and Koran and in your ignorance do not fail to respect and love animals who feel love misery and happiness and sadness just like us. No where in the Koran is it mentioned that angels do not come to the house where dogs are. It is a questionable Hadith written 200 years after the death of the Prophet PBUH and not authorised by him or verified by any living human being who was close to him at the time. The confirmation that some Muslims suggest that Dogs are nijs?. Infant there is a story of the cave where the chosen followers slept with their dog beside them.

    Koran Surah Al Kahf
    Sahih International
    And you would think them awake, while they were asleep. And We turned them to the right and to the left, while their dog stretched his forelegs at the entrance. If you had looked at them, you would have turned from them in flight and been filled by them with terror.

  20. I am convinced thst dogs are permitted to be kept by Muslims. We only need to train them to have limitations where they can get to. It is not prohibited that we touch or clean our dogs so far it is expressly stated that they could be used for some purposes. Islam honor those that shows kindness thus caring for our animals earns us Allah’s reward. Islam promotes cleaness and hygiene, thus the reason for the cleaning of a vessel earlier used by a dog for drinking and if I may ask, would it be right for anyone to drink with an utensil earlier usec by an animal? Angel will not move away from our abodes for keeping dogs if Allah can narrate the story of the two messangers of Allah holed up in a cave with their dog. Knowledge is an armour! Ma salam!

  21. i have an question…that ones we buy a dog to guard house OUTSIDE we make his home everything outside but theirs going to be time when dog will be a puppy so it cannot survive outside without owner so can we keep puppy in house untill he grows up and he is capable to guard himself also…but not in room still in carpourch or upstair roof…but only for a matter of time untill he grows..??????!!!

  22. I have a dog for security, home and business protection. He lives in the house, cause his no good in the garden when someone breaks into your house. As for cleanliness there are some brothers who are more dirty than the dogs.

  23. Me and my husband has been keeping a puppy for months now..and now its ramadan again,my husband thinks we should get rid of him..we live in a one bed room apartment and theres no garden or anything in our compound where i can safely put him.i dont know what to do anymore.if we set him free or put him in the streets i dont think he would ever survive out there,he may die of heat or getting killed by bad people or other strays,its like giving him a death sentence ourselves.i really feel like its more haram causing such a sweet and harmless companion any harm.but im really confused with all the rules and laws of our religion.i just hope and pray whatever happens we wont be punished for something that we dont really wanna do 😢

    1. Wa alaykum salam and shukran for your post

      It is permissable to keep dogs as long as they are cared for and are beneficial to you and your abode. Some scholars have said that a loyal dog is better than an unloyal friend.

  24. Many beliefs of Muslims many people do not understand.
    We have had dogs all our life – they give great affection, loyalty, protection and help our moods improve. They have been on my bed, licked me, my plate!, played with our friends and meet new friends. No-one has EVER caught a disease from them (these modern days dogs are wormed, cared for) and definitely improve the immune system of a human being. Sadly many animals in this world are treated strangeley, even cruelly through religious Beliefs. It is sad all children play with our dogs but Muslims turn away.

    1. Susan: Excellent post! As human beings regardless of our beliefs we are to be merciful to creation. I recall a prophet narration where a woman earns hell fire due to her starving her cat while a prostitute earned paradise due to pitty she felt for a dog leading her to take off her shoe, filling it with water and quenching the dogs thirst.


  25. As we should all know,Islam is all or none,you take it as stated and you don’t just use your own understanding nor modify what is stated to what is en vogue;read the tiras and qur’an and not what you think or feel is right;and Islam teaches us all about compassion but it shouldn’t stop us from doing what is right;Allahu wa alam

  26. Allah. I need a reply because I want to get a dog in which I’m gonna use for income purposes and it is gonna be kept outside in our compound. So can I get the dog..??

  27. I have a question. Is it Haram to keep a puppy in the garage just to protect it from any dangers of outside and then as the puppy grows older keep it as a guard dog and outside the house. IF it is permissible I have another question. My garage is not seperate from my house it is attached and kind of well actually inside. Is that Haram? Also if that is Haram I have a balcony in my house can I keep it in the balcony (it is a high walled balcony and it is safe. The problem is balconies are still kind of in your house so is is Haram or halal to keep a puppy in a (attached to house/part of house garage) garage or balcony.

  28. So sad why there are rulings like this…Dogs are the sweetest animals,they are like humans,they have emotions,they protect our houses from thieves,they brighten our days,they made us laugh when we are lonely..and yet?why they are considered haraam amongst most of the muslims..i am a muslim but i love animals and dogs are my favorites but my family are so judgemental of my acts…i just cant stop loving them,they are completely vaccinated,bathe every other day,very what are the reasons to avoid them?sometimes,i just wonder if these teachings are true or just misinterpretations of old,old folks…these animals are creations of Allah too…

  29. Nonsensical talk all of this! If Dogs were haram a dog wouldn’t have slept in the cave with those men to be ‘delivered’ into the righteous world as mentioned in the Koran. People quoting Hadith which is the work of biased mortals not the word of God in order to justify mistreating animals should get an education in history. According to some Hadith it’s also ok to keep slaves and have sexual relations with non Muslim women as they are jayiz. Absolute rubbish that Muslims in this day and age are promoting cultural misogyny rascism terrorism (enough nonsense that Muslims would never commit acts of terror – they commit the most acts of terror against their own people because of their brutal and savage self righteousness) hatred for non Muslim nations minorities and now we have the animal haters too. Ehteram Ul Insaniya AND every living thing. All you fanatics should know that is the beginning and end of any faith based value system. Unless its political mileage power games and cultural domination that you’re after.

    Yes please keep your dog. It’s a wonderful creation of whatever created us too. Humans are also animals which I mean in the most reapectful sense of the word. Have respect kindness and care for living things. And animals that love you respect and care for them back. They all have emotions and they feel all the pain of abandonment and cruelty that you inflict. For those that are cruel to animals may you suffer a worse fate.

  30. What is this the heavenly Boy Scouts? You’re all going to get a report card w brownie points for not keeping a dog! ? Do you really think Any of this nonsense you all have been talking about is ‘real’? The question that silly official answer and to top it all off the ridiculous commentary sounds like you’re in a mental asylum in never never land. Total disregard for reason rationale reality history and logic like this has led to the 1 billion plus Muslims on this planet look like utter fools! People believe in all sorts of hocus pocus on this planet and have done for centuries. Apparently nothing’s changed. Religion was supposed to guide you towards enlightenment and all of you sound like you’re demented.

  31. I like dogs as well and i wear niqab and all black. The Quran is not negative about dogs. I feel wearone who has a dog must have it for a purpose. Too many times people buy dogs like labradors or collie’s and use them as pets. For me that is wrong. The dogs are created for a ppurpose one for hunting the other four herding. It is selfish to buy them and leave them to spend their life lying on a floor just because their owner wants them for their looks. Dogs should be bought with a purpose. In this case i am wanting a dog for protection as i am alone and pregnant as wellass wear niqab which some find extreme. Even small dogs have a purpose. People having pets have really gone crazy like having snakes and the like. We are all created for something not just pleasure. Some people take things to the extreme. May Allah swt help us all.

  32. I am getting 2 dogs. Unfortunately i cannot keep them in the house due to my family we do have a sun room for entertainment with table tennis board ect. We live in south africa one of the most dangerous countries and there are robberies in our street every week. My uncles dog saved his life twice. First time was when he was walking and another dog ran to attack him. Our dog jumped in front of him and the pitbull bit him instead. The other time was when two men approached him with a knife but when the started talking to him the dog came. They left promptly. As for the fact that dogs are only mentioned positivly in the quraan might show that there is nothing wrong with keeping them. When i leave for varsity in a year i will take the dogs to live in and out of the house but for now they have to settle in a big garden and small room for winter. Pls can somebody find all the places in the quraan where dogs are mentioned and submit them. The reason for not forcing my dog loving fam to let the dogs in the house is because my mum will have to deal with crap from her sisters and brothers which is very unfair

  33. I came to this site because of the problems that some UK blind people are having with some taxi drivers who will not accept guide dogs in their cabs for cultural reasons. UK law states that all public transport (including privately owned taxis, if they transport the public) must accept guide dogs. The only exception is if the taxi driver can prove a medical reason for not doing so, with medical evidence which must be presented to the licensing authorities and approved by them.

    Reading the above, dogs are OK if they are hunting or guard dogs. Do guide dogs count as guard dogs? Or are all working dogs OK?

    It would be very nice to have a written ruling on this (specifically whether there is anything in Islam that justifies cab drivers refusing guide dogs) that people could show to taxi drivers, because the only alternative is to report the cab company to the licensing authorities, which could ultimately lead to the cab driver and possibly the entire company losing their licences, and potentially whole families losing their income as a result. This is not a good alternative. Maybe in Arabic as well as English.

  34. Aslamualaykum,

    I wanted to ask wether it is permissable to have a dog because of mental reasons? I have been struggling with depression for 5 years now and going to a psychologist doesn’t help. Things are getting even worse…
    I always wanted a pet because they make me feel much better. I think it will help me relieve stress. Is it permissable?

    1. Wa alaykum salam

      Most people sending negative messages and hate replies against dogs are most probably not familiar with the classical texts on the topic. Dogs are creations of God and as His creation (Most High) they are to be treated with respect. Sayyiduna Isa (upon him be peace) and his desciples passed by the rotting corpse of a dog. His disciples exclaimed, “What a putrid smell!”, to which Sayyiduna Isa replied, “What beautiful teeth it has!”. This is prophetic adab. Imam Malik indicates that dogs in Madina were highly respected. One needs just study his school to find these gems. Scholars say that a dog who protects and guides a man is better than an I’ll behaved man. Our Fiqh indicates that dogs are allowed to be used in hunting game and all schools agree on this. As long as you treat the dog with respect you are on the right. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) indicated that a man earned paradise just for taking water from a well and quenching the thirst of a dog while a woman earned the fire for not looking after her cat.

      Mercy is that ethereal quality that embodies gentleness, piety, care, consideration, love, and forgiveness.  When these qualities are observable in this world, they are a mere reflection of God’s mercy towards His creation.  God said clearly that Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, was a mercy for all of creation, not just his family and friends or the Arab nation, or the people of the 7th century CE, and not for human beings alone.

      If one but studies the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) one finds what mercy to the created order is all about.

      Even a bird’s emotional distress should be treated seriously.  One of Prophet Muhammad’s companions narrates, “We were on a journey and during the Prophet’s absence, we saw a bird with its two chicks; we took them.  The mother bird was circling above us in the air, beating its wings in grief.  When Prophet Muhammad returned he said, “Who has hurt the feelings of this bird by taking its chicks?  Return them to her.

      I believe that one should seek these guidence from qualified scholars and not easily accept opinions from the unqualified. Our din is one with mercy at its core, mercy to all creation, and this is something we should live up to.

      Allah Knows best
      Allie Khalfe

  35. dogs are the most mistreated animals in whole world.where as they are always greatful and loyal to his master.they are beaten and abused crulley.I don’t know in islam why these creature is not treated in a good way.does islam say you have to be cruel to animals?then why Allah created this nation.mankinds are way more inhuman and cruel than animals right now

  36. Thank you and May Allah increase your knowledge and wisdom. If Adopting dog as pet is Haram actually, is it Haram too for promoting pet dog training products?

    Actually, I mean, is it Haram if maybe as a blogger, promotes pet dog training products?

  37. Some people says time changes and so does the law. Who are we to change God’s law? Are we God? I dont think that God’s law can be changed based on our whims and fancy. That said, i also refuse to believe that Allah swt will create the most kind and loving creature to men to be haram for men. Why would the Almighty give so much love and obedience to such animal of all animals and then give it so much uses to mankind such as hunting, detecting crime, mental healing, companionship, guiding the blind etc and then make them haram to us? It does not tally. Allah swt has stressed it over and over again that His greatest gift to us is our mind and self awareness. And if we have doubts, we should use our common sense. My common sense is telling me that with all the positiveness that dog could provide us with its companionship, why would it be haram? Dog doesnt intoxicate us by keeping them. They are not snakes or crocodiles or tigers or a lion that could bite, poison or kill us. Also, it is said that angels are afraid of dogs? The same powerful angels that God entrust to protect us, help the muslims in battle and destroy the earth when the day of judgement arrives but they are afraid of dogs or wont go near a dog? What happen when the time for the dog is ending in this world? Who comes to claim its life? The angel of death? Or is the angel of death’s job is to only claim human lives? Then who claim the animal’s lives as well as dog’s life? Allah swt give us our brain to comprehend and make sense of things. As much as i REALLY REALLY want to believe the hadith and other words said by the muslim scholars, but this one i cant accept. I used to keep dogs too and i try not to keep them because i am adhering to these hadiths but understanding dogs, learning to know them and care for them and see how they are to us, there is no greater love, respect nor care that i have ever gotten from anything, more so any animals in this world than from the dogs i used to live with. And i live with all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, horses etc. I truly think dogs are a mercy and miracle frm Allah swt and it is really against my conscience to even think that they are haram. They really dont deserve to be. If they are haram, human being should be more haram because they do worse harm than dogs.

    1. this hadith is A STUPID hadith.. people who believe this hadith must be those who NEVER READS the QURAN and NEVER USE THEIR MIND..


      just by reading the hadth.. i cant imagine how stupid people can be to believe it is from the MEsSENGER.. and they consider it as a WAHI.. from GOD.. double punishment for them in HELL.. because these hadith are the things that make other people look at ISLAM as a religion for stupid people.

  38. For me its very simple.
    The Quran never says it is haram. Infact we can eat it!

    Should it be haram, dont you think Allah will CLEARLY mentioned it in the Quran? There’s none isnt it? If none, why are we going against it? Hadith? Im 50/50 on this cause it was man made! From Mr a to Mr b right until Mr z. The best hadith is AlQuran itself!

  39. the hadith that say, that the prophet said this.. “If dogs were not a nation (ummah) among nations, I would have ordered that they be killed.” THIS IS AMONG THE MOST STUPID HADITH i have ever heard..

    THE PROPHET would never say this, nor would he even THINK about KILLING ALL DOGS.. what is the matter of MUSLIM MIND TODAY??? THE PROPHET would ISSUE ORDER TO KILL ALL DOGS on EARTH??? they are DOMESTIC ANIMALS FOR GOD SAKE!!!

    i know that the PROPHET have not said this.. it is A LIE created by STUPID people who does not like dog in the name of the PROPHET..

    WOE to those who LIE.. may curse be upon them untill the day of judgement cause they LIE in the name of the PROPHET and TELL OTHER PEOPLE it is FROM GOD.. this hadith is what making the religion as a JOKE to other people!!..

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