Madina 2019: Masjid Nur

Adjacent to the well of Hujain is the remains of the Mosque of Light (Masjid al-Nur) in which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed. It was the spirit of freedom and justice that placed Sālim, the freed slave of Abū Hudhayfah as the leader and Imam of this mosque, due to his mastery of the Quran. […]

A meeting with the Ambassador 

Former Premier of the Western Cape and US Ambassador, Ebrahim Rasool. We shook hands at the Claremont Main Road Mosque two nights ago in agreement that children should be welcomed in our mosques. They should not be yelled at and harshly sent to the back. They should be heard, seen, playing, having fun, laughing, jumping […]

Children and places of worship

Children should enter our mosques, churches, synagogues, and madrasahs smiling and likewise exit smiling. Our children go through so much during the day both at home and at school, where they have to cope with 6 – 7 subjects, interact with other children, some of whom may be bullies, teachers, some of who may have […]

Jawharah Al-Tawhid – English commentary- Sunnipubs 

Im really honoured and humbled to announce that my translation and footnotes of Imam Bajuri’s gloss on The Pearl of Oneness (Jawharah al-Tawhid), a treasured work on Theology, has been published by Sunni Publications after receiving endorsements from several senior Scholars of the Grand Azhar University. “Whatever door of grace God opens, none can close […]

Humanity before religiosity 

The IslamicText Institute, Masjidul Quds and Marlene Silbert Youth Interfaith Intercultural Programme – Spreading love and peace in the community. Today the IslamicText Institute together with Masjidul Quds, hosted learners of the Marlene Silbert Youth Interfaith Intercultural Programme. Muslims, Jews and Christians came together to build bridges. This is what happens when “humanity is placed […]