Mind Body and Soul

Mind Body and Soul is an IslamicText Institute Publication, written and compiled by Sh Allie Khalfe and designed by Naeema Toefy. It is a text rooted within the traditional approach of Fiqh for the body, Theology for the mind and Tasawwuf for the heart. It consists of ideas from works like the Jawharah of Imam Laqqani in […]

Surah Fatiha: A Fellowship of Faith

Surah Fatiha: A Fellowship of Faith is a 200 page commentary on the opening chapter of the Qlorious Quran. It focusses in the linguistic, stylistic and spiritual dimensions of the surah. Biography of the author  Shaykh Allie Khalfe is the director and founder of the IslamicText Institute in Cape Town. He is currently a lecturer […]

Time – using it wisely.

The clock below indicates what a Muslims time or life should revolve around. Haqq – Truth;  Tawhid – Oneness;  ‘Ilm – Knowledge;  ‘Irfan – Beyond surface level knowledge;  ‘Aql – the intellect;  Hikmat – wisdom;  Insan –humanity;  ‘Amal – deeds;  ‘Adl –justice;  Akhlaq – character;  ‘Imran –building;  Islam – Peace  Imam al-Shafi’i said: “Time is like a sword: if you don’t cut it, it will cut you.”  Imam al-Ghazali said: “If you leave yourself […]