Usul al-Fiqh Course 2021

Course benefits 1. Each lesson will be 1 hour – 1:15min long.2. This course will take you from performing basic acts of worship to understanding the sources they are derived from and their purposes. 3. You receive an understanding of the underlying subtleties of the acts of worship so as to benefit yourself as well as […]

Jukani wildlife sanctuary

Jukani wildlife sanctuary is situated in Plettenberg. The photos below (click the link) will tell a better story than I am able to type. Enjoy! View this post on Instagram Some amazing closeup photos of the lions at the Jukani wildlife sanctuary taken today. Scroll through the photos until the very last one to see […]

Tafsir Surah Fatiha Lesson 3

Topics covered The Letter Bā continued Usages of the letter Bā The first letter of the Alphabet The first letter uttered Revisiting the Kasra The word “ism” Origin of the word ism Symbolic meaning in Bismillah. Allah The greatest Name Proof 1 – 6 Some say all the Names are equally Great Why we depend […]

Life is short and precious

View this post on Instagram Life is the most precious gift from God. It is short and passes by so quickly. Many of us have lost loved ones during this Covid period and it is so important, now more than ever, that we surround ourselves with people who appreciate us and whom we may benefit. […]