Humanity before religiosity 

The IslamicText Institute, Masjidul Quds and Marlene Silbert Youth Interfaith Intercultural Programme – Spreading love and peace in the community. Today the IslamicText Institute together with Masjidul Quds, hosted learners of the Marlene Silbert Youth Interfaith Intercultural Programme. Muslims, Jews and Christians came together to build bridges. This is what happens when “humanity is placed […]

New Special Needs Madrasah Class 

All New Special Needs Class at The IslamicText Institute. 04 August 2019: Last night we hosted our first Special Needs Parents Workshop at the IslamicText Institute. It was a blessed gathering and a huge success. Tears were shed, emotions expressed, experiences shared, questions asked and finally a Special Needs Parents Group formed.  The gathering was […]

Islam: A Tradition of Mercy- Interview

In this interview, I (Yaseen Kippie) speak to the founder of the Islamic Text Institute, Shaykh Allie Khalfe, based in Cape Town, South Africa, on his latest book titled ‘Islam: A Tradition of Mercy’, to be launched on Sunday 4 August 2019 at the Islamia Auditorium, demonstrating the tradition of mercy in Islam through graphical representation, […]