IslamicText Care account

The IslamicText Institute teaches 100’s of Students on a weekly basis and strives to assist single mothers who are struggling to meet ends meet. If you are able to assist then please donate using the bank account below: Account Details Bank name: Standard Bank Branch name: RONDEBOSCH Branch code: 5009 Account holder: MR MOHAMED-ALHIE M […]

Islam: A Tradition of Mercy 

A I have been working on a graphic representation of some powerful anecdotes from the classic Tafsir al-Kabir of Imam Fakhrudin Al-Rāzi entitled “A Tradition of Mercy”, which I intend to release end of June 2019, Inshallah. With your prayers it will be a success and benefit our community, Inshallah 🙏.  Details to follow, Inshallah…

IslamicText Trivia game reached yet another country

Take a look at thinks below to read further and get your trivia box set now! View this post on Instagram IslamicText Trivia: 250 cards, 11 catagories including Qur'an, spirituality, fiqh, theology (tawhid), arabic and more. Answer questions and unlock the various gates of paradise whilst learning about the Islamic tradition in the most […]

Marriage – the monthly argument

Does this sound familiar?  If your answer is YES then don’t worry because it means you are human, healthy, have an opinion which you are not shy to express to your partner, and that you form part of this beautiful and diverse world, the very nature of which is continuous challenges, tests and trials. 0Allah […]

The wali of Lloret De Mar, Spain

View this post on Instagram The wali of Lloret De Mar, Spain Deep in the heart of Barcelona, in a little town called Lloret De Mar, there lives a humble family who looks after a wali of the awliya of Allah, Sayyid Shaykh Mir Hassan Haseen Subla. I wasn't aware of him until we met […]