Ramadan 2020 Anecdotes

This page is dedicated to the sacred month of Ramadan. Regular audio clips will be posted throughout the month. The purpose of these clips is to uplift and rejuvenate our souls during this blessed month.   Ramadan 2020 01 audio (right click and save as to download)     Ramadan 2020 02 audio (right click […]

The IslamicText Institute – opening of the new premises. 

Study traditional texts under qualified scholars. email islamictext@gmail.com to enquire or register for a course. Fiqh: A specialized course covering aspects of worship including prayer (salāh), charity (zakāh), fasting (siyām) and pilgrimage (hajj).Learners will receive a certificate (ijāzah) permitting one to further teach the content covered in the course. Tasawwuf: A specialized course covering aspects […]


1. Sira of the blessed Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] 2. Aqida: The Jawhara of Imam Ebrahim Laqqani al-Maliki 3. The Bidayatul Hidaya [Beginning of guidance] of Imam al-Ghazali at Park Road Mosque 4. Johannesburg lectures august/September 2013 Muhammad Allie Khalfe 5. ‘Eid al-Adha lecture, Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, 16 October 2013. 6. Weekly gatherings […]