Usul al-Fiqh Course 2021

Course benefits

1. Each lesson will be 1 hour – 1:15min long.
2. This course will take you from performing basic acts of worship to understanding the sources they are derived from and their purposes. 
3. You receive an understanding of the underlying subtleties of the acts of worship so as to benefit yourself as well as those around when it comes to ritual worship.
4. You will experience first hand how the various texts work including the matn, sharh and hashiya.
5. You will become familiar with the chains of transmission, major works written and  timelines of scholars.
6. You will be equipped with the theory of legal maxims and higher objectives of the sharī’a.
7. You will experience what it’s like to enter the mind of the jurist (faqīh) and those who mastered the foundation of fiqh (usūlī).
8. You will be equipped with understanding why there are differences of opinion on every single fiqhi issue and appreciate them all.
9. At the end of the course you will see the various madhabs as streams flowing from the ocean of the sharī’a.
10. You will understand how spacious the din is and how many options there are when it comes to worship.
11. Lastly, you will learn how to convey the practical side of the din to others.

These are some of the fruits I believe this course will yield, Inshallah.

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