Reflections on Islam, by Allie Khalfe with Shaykh Ahmad Hendricks


While this present work is an appreciation of the inspirational wisdom of Shaykh Ahmad, it is being launched in the sad aftermath of the recent passing on of his brother, al-marhūm Shaykh Seraj Hendricks.

As I read through the gem-filled pages of the transcript of Shaykh Allie’s compilation and commentary, I cannot help but reflect on how these two extraordinary scholars have exemplified brotherly love and mutual reverence in their profound relationship with one another over the years.  It struck me that we, as students, have benefitted uniquely from this very special bond between two brothers. Firstly, through living example they modelled the knowledge they disseminated, in the way they interacted with one another and secondly, through their complementary styles and approaches they were able to meet the needs of a broad and diverse body of learners.

Given this close relationship, the lessons shared in this work, while directly attributable to Shaykh Ahmad, are in reality an expression of the collective wisdom, camaraderie and shared legacy of the brothers Hendricks as well as their illustrious forebears – a legacy, in its 100 years of commemoration, which Shaykh Khalfe, through his commendable diligence, is helping to preserve.

—A lifelong student of the Zawia

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