The maqam of Ibn Hair Asqallani in Cairo

Click ok he link below to read about our experience some six years back.

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Six years ago in Cairo, we had the honor of placing these prayer beads, sheets and scents on the maqām of one of the pillars of the saints, jurists, gnostics and author of the 20 volume commentary and masterpiece, Fathul Bārī sharh Sahih al-Bukhārī, Imam Ibn Hajr Asqallanī, may Allah bless him. – By Allah's will these items remain as we left them. We revere these places because of the legacy preserved by these incredible human beings, a legacy that paved the way for us to clearly understand what mercy, love and compassion is all about, all through the sunnah of the most merciful human being to walk this earth, Muhammad ﷺ. – #cairo #egypt #relic #history #bukhari #saint #muhammad

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