IslamicText Institute Madrasah 2021


Youth Madrasah

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The Madrasah

The Madrasah is located in Surrey Estate and hosts both adult and youth classes. While classes were conducted online for the main part of 2020, we intend to open up slowly next year 2021 at the premises once again. Classes will be limited to a number of learners per session and learners will have to register for the coming year.


The institute uses the Mind, Body and Soul syllabus as its primary textbooks. These textbooks are based on the style and approach of the grand Azhar Sharif. We will start incorporating the traditional syllabus used at the Simply Islam Institute in Singapore in late 2021.

Age groups

We cater for all ages, grades 1 – 12 and cover basic Surah and Quran recitation lessons as well as lessons based on the textbooks. Private Quran sessions via zoom available as well. This can be arranged at agreed upon terms.


For the year 2020, we found ourselves moving to an online platform via whatsapp. Parents would send screenshots of the lesson to one of the teachers and the teacher would reply with an audio recitation for the learner. Textbook lessons and artwork were done in similar fashion.


Grade 1-2
Mind, Body and Soul textbook; Mind, body and soul coloring book; Surah learning cards. Total – R200.

Grade 3-5
Mind, Body and Soul textbook; Mind, body and soul coloring book; Tradition of Mercy textbook; Arabic learning cards. Total – R350

Grade 6-8
Mind, Body and Soul textbook; Mind, body and soul coloring book; Tradition of Mercy textbook; Surah Fatiha: A Fellowship of Faith, Arabic learning cards. R500

IslamicText Trivia game R200

(One per family – all grades)

These books and cards cover aspects of the Prophetic biography (Sira), Fiqh, Theology, Spirituality and Morals and Ethics. They can be purchased at the institute in Surrey Estate.

Class Limit

20 learners per slot. Slots are 1hr 45 minutes.

Monthly fees

R250 per learner per month. Additional siblings from the same household only pay R100 extra per sibling. Parents gain access to adult groups with weekly audio lectures, as well as access to the weekly lectures for adults at the Institute.


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays

2020 – The pandemic has changed the way we previously conducted classes of about 60 learners with around 4 teachers per slot.

2021 – We will only be able to accommodate 20 learns per slot (day). Parents may choose 1 slot, i.e. either a Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning.Weekday classes are from 3:30pm – 5:15pm while Saturday morning classes will be from 9:30am – 11am.Each slot will allow the learner to read their lesson from the Quran or Surah. The Teachers will then do a lesson from the textbook with the class. Parents will be permitted to request an additional Quran or Surah lesson from the teacher via our whatsapp platform and the teacher will reply in audio style.

These will be issued as usual near the end of the year.

Use this link for more info and videos:*


Text us via our whatsapp line +27714138725 (0714138725) or call us directly on 0815519722.

Banking details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 051001
Account holder/name: IslamicText Inst
Acc number: 071405976
Acc type: CURRENT
IslamicText Admin

Adult classes

Our adult classes are done via a private WhatsApp group where audios and the institute updates are shared on a weekly basis.


Subjects covered include Fiqh, Tawhid and Sciences of the Quran.

Monthly contributions

Monthly contributions are welcomed and all learners support in their individual capacity while no one is obliged to pay a fee for the adult classes.

How to join?

To join and receive group rules simply text our admin via whatsapp +27815519722 or +27714138725.

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