Inside the Prophet’s Mosque

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Hidden in plain sight in the sacred Masjid al-Nabawi are pillars representing deeply spiritual events. One of these includes the pillar of Abu Lubābah. He was deeply grieved after revealing something to the enemy and thereafter tied himself to a date palm tree, saying: “As long as my repentance is not accepted by Allah, I shall not free myself until the Prophet ﷺ himself unties my bonds.” He remained there for days until eventually the Prophet ﷺ untied him with his own blessed hands. This sacred spot became known as the pillar of repentance of Abu Lubābah, may Allah be pleased with him. *I will share a photo and background of the hirs pillar soon, Inshallah. #mecca #makkah #medina #madinah #haram #sacred #sactuary #umrah #hajj #masjidnabawi #haramain_photo

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