New Special Needs Madrasah Class 

All New Special Needs Class at The IslamicText Institute.

04 August 2019

Last night we hosted our first Special Needs Parents Workshop at the IslamicText Institute. It was a blessed gathering and a huge success. Tears were shed, emotions expressed, experiences shared, questions asked and finally a Special Needs Parents Group formed. 

The gathering was a stark reminder that God’s Divine grace flows when people come together to support each other, striving for goodness and for the betterment of the community, especially our children. We learnt that through coming together, challenges can be faced, ideas shared and that the struggle of raising a child challenged with special needs is no longer a lonely road, because where the breath of support flows, hope lives and our hearts are revived. 

As Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali said about “supporting each other” in his commentary on Surah Fatiha, “This is a Fellowship of faith.”

Next Special Needs Parents Workshop

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