Mawlana Ahmed Mukadam – South Africa’s hidden pearl.

It was truly an honor presenting volume 1 of my masters thesis “An Outpouring of Subtleties upon the Pearl of Oneness” to a gentleman, scholar and gem of South Africa, mawlana Ahmed Mukadam. 
He graciously wrote a piece for the back cover of my latest publication “Islam: A Tradition of Mercy”, an excerpt of which I have shared below. 

May Allah bless him and all of us with the health, strength and sincerity to be of benefit to our community and may this work be accepted by the Almighty, Amin.

Excerpt The wonder of this book is the ease with which the young author, Allie Khalfe, makes unique classical sources available to even a minimalist reader. He has in fact addressed the lament of people not reading enough. His effervescent and energetic style invites you to read with spirit. He immerses a 7- to 70-year-old into a wonderful, but real, world of value, hope, mercy, meaning and spirituality. Imagine: age 7 or 70 and reading Fakhr al-Rāzī! 

~Mawlana Ahmed Mukadam

“Islam: A Tradition of Mercy” launched on Sunday, 4 August 2019, 11am @ the Academia Library, Islamia, Lamsdowne, Cape Town. 

Cost of book:R150; Pages: 64; Style: Full colour.

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