What is a madrasah and why are our children beaten within its walls?

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What is a madrasah and why our are children beaten within it's walls? —– Madrasah comes from the word darrasa, meaning to chisel away at a huge rock so as to reach the diamond in the centre. The chisler (mudarris) is the one deputised with this lofty job and either destroys the entire rock together with the diamond or preserves the diamond at the center. If the chisler is not well trained with the various techniques of carving and preservation and remains bereft of how delicate his duty is, he may very well cause more harm than good. —– The reality is that he is dealing with something far greater than a diamond, his is deputised with nurturing the soul of a child, one breathed in by the Divine. It is for this very reason that our din is preserved through a sanad or chain of transmission, the links of which is formed through human hearts, each finely tuned and refined by a master chisler or Shaykh. —– If the educator is not awakened to this reality then beating and belittling will continue in our madrasah's, which I believe destroys both the confidence level of the child as well his ability to one day share his madrasah experience without beating it into another child. The result of this kind of attitude and mentality is a chain of violence instead of mercy, and the production of rocks who mastered the outer through fear, instead of diamonds produced through love and compassion. And God knows best. —– Our attitude at the IslamicText Institute. #education #youth #wisdom #madrasa #learning #books #spirit #parent #beating #abuse #affection #love #islam

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