The wali of Lloret De Mar, Spain

Deep in the heart of Barcelona, in a little town called Lloret De Mar, there lives a humble family who looks after a wali of the awliya of Allah, Sayyid Shaykh Mir Hassan Haseen Subla. I wasn’t aware of him until we met and all it took was one look from him for my heart to waken up to his high spiritual state.

A humble quiet man, he is Shaykh to more than 3000 students in various countries and has ijazah to initiate into four of the sunni tariqahs of tasawwuf including the Suhruwardi, Qadri, Chisti and Warsi silsilas. The Shaykh of the latter silsilah, according to Shaykh Hassan Haseen, once received a proposal for marriage from Queen Victoria of England and had a painting of the Shaykh made, which he generously shared with me. My journey this year led to me to Cairo where I was looked after by a humble and loving student and friend, Masud Hayat, who traveled with me 10 hours a day to nearly three meetings daily. Then Istanbul, where I was gifted to greet the maqam of our Master, Sayyidna Ayyub al-Ansari, to be a guest of the murids of the Khalwati Jerrahi order, visit to the tomb of the Sultans, particularly Sultan Abdul Hamid II, as well as visit the blessed shores of Üsküdur and experience the maqam of our master, Shaykh Aziz Mahmud Hidayi. I wasn’t aware of my purpose in Barcelona until a few hours ago, when I was priveledged to meet the Wali of Lloret De Mar in Spain, receive his duas, some ijazat in certain adhkar he was vested with and some of the books he authored. The means of meeting him was through my dear beloved student, Shabeena, who resides in Spain and invited me into their home.

The Shaykh sealed our meeting by telling me that he already dreamt I would be coming to him and that he wasn’t surprised in the least. Though we may plan our travels, it is Allah who moves us according to His Divine Will.

“Whatever mercy Allah opens for you, none can withold; and whatever He witholds none can be bring forth…” (35:2)


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