The wali of Üsküdur, Sayyid Aziz Mahmud Hidayi

Üsküdar, humble, rich in culture, a delight for the eyes, tranquil yet busy, and a hidden gem for most tourists. From Istanbul one takes a ferry across the Bosforus to this rather mystical town, which hosts the tombs of many of the friends of God. 

Here I make mention of one in particular, the mystic, poet, author, qādi, scholar, Sufi and Shaykh of the Khalwatiyyah, Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, who is a descendant of the pivot of the Sufis, Junayd of Baghdad, and is a Sayyid whose lineage runs through Imam Sayyinda al-Husain, may Allah be pleased with all of them. 

Al-Hudayi is therefore Hashimite by origin and is considered as one of the greatest awliya of the Ottoman Empire. He was the Shaykh of the Ottomon Sultan Ahmed I, who in fact constructed the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and was blessed to have read the first Friday Jumu’a prayer in the Mosque. The Shaykh served as judge (qādi) in Edirne, Egypt, Syria, and Bursa. Here is the well-known supplication (dua) he was know to make:

“Those who visit us when we are alive, and those who visit our grave after our death and read the Fatiha when passing by our tomb are ours. May those who love us not drown at sea, may they not suffer poverty in their old age, may they not pass away without saving their faith.” 

This prompted many sailors of the Ottoman Empire to visit his grave before going out to sea. The master, Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, may Allah sactify his soul, passed away in the beautiful Üsküdar region of Istanbul and is buried right next to his mosque with some of his closest family members. May Allah bless him, his family and grant us goodness through our love for His Awliya.

Allie Khalfe

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