Thankfulness attracts happiness

I am challenged nearly weekly with counselling people from different backgrounds facing various problems and have come to learn that one of the major sources of unhappiness is comparing yourself to others and living to impress them. Here one tends to set the focus on what one doesnt have instead of the blessings in one’s life. It is so important for both physical and spiritual growth to acknowledge the blessings in our lives which are often right before our very eyes in our parents, siblings, children, etc, instead of focusing our entire being on one negitive aspect we do not have. The minute you start looking at what lies in the hands of others you find your heart empty and restricted, longing for more of the material world.On the other hand, a major source of happiness lies in looking at those who have less than you so as to cultivate a thankful heart for the blessings currently in your life. We live but once in this transitory world and the first source of happiness is found in appreciating the self and the simple yet profound God given blessings in life.

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