Mind Body and Soul

Link to another samplr video sample: https://youtu.be/yJffIwthbYA

Mind Body and Soul is an IslamicText Institute Publication, written and compiled by Sh Allie Khalfe and designed by Naeema Toefy.

It is a text rooted within the traditional approach of Fiqh for the body, Theology for the mind and Tasawwuf for the heart.

It consists of ideas from works like the Jawharah of Imam Laqqani in theology and the Beginning of Guidance of Imam Ghazali in fiqh and spirituality. It also includes ideas from Mawlāna Jalāludīn Rumi’s works and more.

It is filled with awesome graphics to stimulate both the student and teacher and is a joy to share with anyone interested in learning the basics of Islam.

Madrasa textbook add.jpg

To order a copy simply email info@islamictextinstitute.co.za or send a whatsapp message to +27714138725.

Used the banking details below


Size: A4

Pages: 60

Color: Full color


Shipping with South Africa: R100

Shipping outside of South Africa: 1-3 copies R200, 4-6 copies R300, 7-10 copies R400.

Sample below:

Madrasa textbook 1 Sample

Banking details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 5009
Account holder/name: IslamicText Inst
Acc number: 071405976
Acc type: CURRENT

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