Surah Fatiha: A Fellowship of Faith


Surah Fatiha: A Fellowship of Faith is a 200 page commentary on the opening chapter of the Qlorious Quran. It focusses in the linguistic, stylistic and spiritual dimensions of the surah. Sample: Surah Fatiha – A Fellowship of Faith, Allie Khalfe SAMPLE

Biography of the author 

Shaykh Allie Khalfe is the director and founder of the IslamicText Institute in Cape Town. He is currently a lecturer in Theology at the IPSA college and is pursuing masters in Islamic Studies at UNISA.

He rceived full ijazah with a direct link to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) through multiple chains of transmission, after a decade of studies under both Shaykh Seraj and Ahmad Hendricks of the Azzawia Institute in Walmer Estate. He also spent two years at the feet of he esteemed Dr Ali Jumua and many other senior scholars in Cairo, all of whom gave him written permission to transmit sacred knowledge from them. 

Additionally, he has been sanctioned as an ambassador of Egypts Dar Al-Ifta and the grand Muftis office in Cairo

To purchase a copy simply call or whatsapp +27714138725 or email info@islamictextinstitute

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