1. Book Launch, “SURFING BEHIND THE WALL”, By Shafiq Morton.  11 October 2012.

2. Book Launch, ‘THE HONOR AND STATUS OF THE HUMAN BEING’ Timbuktu books. 10 November 2012.

3. Meeting with Sayyid Ahmad Sa’ad al-Shafi’i

4. Meeting with Sayyid Ahmad bin Muhammad bin ‘Alawi al-Maliki

5. Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, Johannesburg lectures, June 2013.

6. Muhammad Allie Khalfe, Johannesburg lectures, June 2013.

7. Series of lectures of Surah Fatiha [Park Road Mosque, Wynberg]

8. The strength of Love and Mercy: Jumu’a lecture, Friday 12 July 2013, Nurul Hamadia Mosque, Corner Long and Dorp Street, Cape Town

9. The Noble Lineage and Birth of the Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him], Timbuktu Books, Saturday 20th July 2013

10. The Bidayatul Hidaya [Beginning of Guidance] of Imam al-Ghazali [Park Road Mosque, Thursday evenings]

11. Timbuktu Books presents:  The Sanusi Creed, Foundational Proofs

12. Subtleties of Knowledge with Sh. Muhammad Allie Khalfe

13. Moulud 2015 with Shaykh Ali Gomaa – Celebrating the life of the best of creation.

14. Ijazah ceremony at the Azhar Sharif with Shaykh Hasan al-Shafi’i


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