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The IslamicText Institute was started in 2006 by Allie Khalfe and was greatly inspired by the Al-Zawiya Institute in Walmer Estate, Cape Town


Our approach is a traditional one where the Shaykh reads from classical texts and elaborates on it, so as to provide the student with a firm understanding, context and certainty regarding the text. This is also the methodology adopted by scholars at one of the oldest traditional institutes in the world -the Grand Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.


The IslamicText Institute looks at education holistically, focusing on nourishment [tarbiya] and education [ta’lim].  These are of the essential elements and ingredients that form and bind the relationship between teacher and student.


Islam offers a complete nourishment of the mind, body and soul. This holistic nourishment process focuses on three key disciplines including, Jurisprudence [Al-Fiqh], Theology [Al-Tawhid] and Spirituality [Al-Ihsan]. The Institute uses as its point of departure, both classical and traditional texts, dating back a thousand years, as the spheres for this nourishment process.

Since its establishment, the institute laid its foundation upon classical texts like the Ihya ‘Ulum al-Din and The Beginning of Guidance of Imam al-Ghazali in the discipline of Ihsan. Commentaries on the Matn of Abu Shuja were used as the primary sources for Jurisprudence, and the Jawhara al-Tawhid of Imam Laqqani as a primary source in Theology.


Our youth are the future and we need to empower them with confidence as they are the flag bearers of this Dīn and will need the necessary tools required to properly interact with all human beings. We aim at educating them holistically with the Prophetic ideas of mercy, tolerance and compassion toward all of creation.

15 thoughts on “The IslamicText Institute

  1. Assalamu alaykum,
    Every time I come on this page a really annoying ad pops up at the on the page and covers some of the writing. Is there a way I can get rid of it so I can read everything? Thanks.

  2. Slms
    I am impressed by your lectures>I was hoping you could assist me with the tafseer of Ibn Abbas on surah 7 AL ARAF verse 54–“-He brings the night as a cover over the day seeking it rapidly”

  3. Salaam Shaykhuna . Beautiful website with loads of info. May Allah grant you abundance of khair for all your efforts. Imam edries

    1. Wa ‘alaykum salam

      Shukran for your question

      There are preferred suras one may read when performing the 5 obligatory prayers as well as the many voluntary prayers. These are however not cast in stone and one may read what he/she finds easy and according to ones capacity. In a hadith recording by Imam Bukhari, a man read only Suratul Ikhlas [Qul huwallahu ahad, Allahu Samad, lam yalid walam yulad, walam yakullahu kufuwan ahad] in the prayer and people mentioned this to the Prophet [peace be upon him]. Bukhari records the hadith as follows:

      …from Amrah bint Abdur-Rahman, who used to stay in the apartment of Aishah, the wife of the Prophet, that Aishah said,

      “The Prophet sent a man as the commander of a war expedition and he used to lead his companions in prayer with recitation (of the Quran). And he would complete his recitation with the recitation of `Say: He is Allah, One.’ So when they returned they mentioned that to the Prophet and he said,

      Ask him why does he do that? So they asked him and he said, ‘Because it is the description of Ar-Rahman and I love to recite it. So the Prophet said, “Inform him that Allah the Most High loves him.”

      We tend to think quantitative while what is beneficial is qualitative i.e Quality is better than quantity.

      Allah knows best.

  4. Salam,
    I have a questions umm once my sister was studyingn and I was sleeping in our room and she told me in the morning that I was saying Quran out loud in my sleep. Should I be worried or scared for anything?
    Thank you

  5. I love the site and want to know how do you host international Muslim poets who works with youth
    This is an example of his true stories

    Real story / real actors
    Jazakum Allah khaira

  6. Asalaam hu’alaikum

    I really like your teaching methods and approach to teaching children .
    I have attended a lesson with my daughter as well.

    Unfortunately the madressa times are difficult for us. And surrey estate is a little bit far

    I would love to host a weekly madressa class in rondebosch (perhaps a satellite class) with one of your teachers.
    There are a few families in rondebosch that are interested.

    Would this be something you would consider?
    Perhaps sunday morning?

  7. Please could you furnish me with more information regarding the courses on offer, I cant seem to find any in the left of the blog

    1. Wa alaykum salam Reem and thanks for showing interested in the courses

      Adult Classes
      Sundays: 10:30am -12pm
      Ulum al-Quran, Itqan, Al-Suyuti
      Hikam, ibn Ata’illah

      Mondays: 10:20am – 11:45am
      Ulum al-Quran, Itqan, Al-Suyuti
      Hikam, ibn Ata’illah

      Tuesdays: 10:15am
      Tawhid, Jawharah, Al-Bajuri
      Hikam, ibn Ata’illah

      Wednesdays: 7:30pm – 9pm
      Science of Hadith, Bayquniyyah
      Knowledge and Wisdom, Imam Haddad

      Youth Madrasah 2020

      Mondays: Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm,
      Saturdays: 9:30am-11:00am
      Thursdays: Special needs madrasah

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